The NYC Relationship Coach is a confidante; someone who provides objectivity, advice that is logically and emotionally balanced which empowers you to ask more from your relationships. Whether you are single, recently bouncing back from a breakup, dating considerably, or already in a long term relationship; Natalia can make your love life better. 

Natalia’s true passion is to inspire others to achieve happy and healthy love lives. Natalia worked as a psychological researcher and a trained psychotherapist with a trauma population, before becoming the NYC Relationship Coach. With a BA and MA in psychology, she takes an evolutionary psychology and physical anthropology based perspective when studying romantic love, relationships, and mating behaviors. Natalia founded her company in 2014, where she has been providing a range of personal relationship services. She also advises online dating brands. Her focus as a coach is the Spectrum of Relationship Success; defining HOW YOU LOVEATTRACTING the RIGHT PARTNER, and STRENGHTHENING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.

Originally from Argentina, Natalia has lived in many cities, but NYC is the only place she’s ever called home. Natalia’s long term boyfriend put a ring on it, and the couple wed summer 2016.