Careless choices of sexual partners can lead to unwanted pregnancies, abusive relationships, emotional problems and sexually transmitted infections. Be selective with who you are sexually involved with. But if you have romantic feelings for someone and you want to see where the relationship will go, sex before monogamy is the right direction to head in.

The famous tag line of Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Stanger is “No sex before monogamy!”… But the issue with that concept is that in most cases, you don’t know your compatibility with a romantic partner until you have sexual intercourse.

Here’s why sex before committing to a long term monogamous relationship is a good idea:

  • Sex allows people to evaluate how sexually compatible they are. Through sex, women can observe certain qualities about a man, such as: his sensitivity, his reliability, and his concern with her happiness. Sexual incompatibility is responsible for a large portion of why people cheat, whether it’s a long term dating partner or a married partner. Cheating can be avoided by assessing sexual compatibility before making a long term monogamous commitment. This ultimately can lead to avoiding divorce!
  • Sex allows people to get to know each other in metaphysical ways.  Sex represents a spiritual merging of energy fields, which brings people together in meaningful and unexpected ways. Some researchers have found that women hold on to the DNA of their sex partners even when they do not become pregnant. This means that females can absorb and carry living DNA and cells from every male they have unprotected intercouse with!

I’m not suggesting you go out there and have casual sex per say because you are single and lonely, but I am suggesting you be open to the idea not everyone you have sexual intercourse with has to be for a long term relationship. The goal for all of us should be to end up in a monogamous and loving relationship, because that’s what our brains were wired to do after all. Sex has been and will always be a vital part of every romantic relationship.