So fellas, you’ve recently started dating a girl that you really like and you’ve gone out with her a few times, but she’s either giving you mixed signals or you’re just not sure if she’s really into you. Even though she keeps going out with you, you both haven’t communicated your relationship intentions yet, and you’re afraid to tell her how you feel because it’s too soon. You don’t want to be Mr. Right Now and you want something more than casual. Here are 12 signs that the girl you are dating is actually really into you and you’re not a “filler” until she finds a guy who she really wants as a boyfriend: 1) She doesn’t take hours to text or call you back. 2) She thanks you after you took her out on a date. 3) She commits to plans with you in advance. 4) She enjoys spending time with you even when you’re doing nothing – like staying in for the night ordering takeout and watching TV. 5) She wants you to meet her girlfriends. 6) She grooms herself more when she knows she’s going to see you (e.g., makeup, outfit, hair). 7) When you make plans to do things it isn’t always what she wants to do. She’ll be happy to go watch the game with you and your friends. 8) She connects with you on social media throughout the day (e.g., likes your facebook or Instagram photo). 9) She initiates texts; you aren’t the one that always has to text her first. 10) She talks about her family and other values that are important to her and she asks you about your priorities and values. 11) She really interested in learning more about who you really are (e.g., asks a lot of questions about your past). 12) She gives you attention and affection without you chasing her for it.

A good catch will want to be caught, no need for chasing. If the girl you are dating is showing you these signs, she’ll be open to being more than casual. Take a chance and see what can happen!