For modern urbanites there are a lot of factors that come into play before settling down and getting married. Picking your life partner may be the biggest decision you will ever make. Since it’s April and wedding season is just around the corner, those in long-term relationships can’t help but wonder if the one they are with is who they’ll end up marrying. For you ladies who have found “the one,” how do you know your boyfriend is ready to commit? Tie the knot? Get married.

Here are ten signs he is thinking marriage…

  1. You talk about life plans together: whether or not you’ll have children, and where you’ll settle down and live.
  2. You’re living together and loving it. You signed a lease and he thinks that living with you as his girlfriend is the greatest thing ever.
  3. He is planning for a shared financial future. You’re talking about saving money, and future expenses together. Perhaps he wants to share a joint credit card or bank account.
  4. He likes attending weddings with you, and he doesn’t get nauseated by the ceremony. Maybe the two of you poke fun at the vows a little -- in a loving way, of course – but he isn’t phased by the thought of the bride and groom spending the rest of their lives together. Their commitment seems natural, and he’s happy for them.
  5. He doesn’t care about the “perks” of bachelorhood. He’d rather stay in with you than go out with the guys.
  6. Holidays and being with family are important to him. He likes hanging out with your family, and wants you to spend time with his.
  7. He wants to share something long-term with you, like adopting a dog or cat.
  8. He makes you feel that you are already a family. You are a unit, and he doesn’t make big decisions without asking you or at least having a conversation about it. He knows that his choices affect you, too.
  9. He wants the world to know how in love with you he is. He posts pictures of you on his social media accounts or puts your picture at his desk.
  10. He puts your needs first! That’s the icing on the cake and shows that he’s truly ready for the commitment.

If your boyfriend is giving you these signs – and marriage is something you’re excited about as well -- then off you go! Enjoy the journey ahead.