People are always mentioning the horrors of dating in New York City.  I would like to offer another perspective; why aren’t people noticing all the pros of being single and meeting and dating in the best city in the world?  Perhaps a lot of New Yorkers just don’t realize how good we have it! Seriously….  

Here’s a list of reasons why I think dating in NYC is the absolute best:

  1. Mobility: 24 hour public transportation—subway, taxi, uber, water taxi yadda yadda. Round the clock public transit is not something to be taken for granted. You can escape a date at any time!
  2. Got a type you prefer to date? The creative types, the finance types, hipsters--whatever tickles your fancy we got em. And we have people from every culture/ethnicity from every part of the world.
  3. With almost 3,000 bars/nightclubs/taverns you can always get your drink on even in the wee hours.
  4. Dinner date? No problem! The city has roughly 16,250 full service restaurants, 19,000 counter service restaurants, and over 4,000 snack and specialty food bars.
  5. Brunching. So you can date during the day time too.
  6. Coffee date? 1700 coffee shops. Apparently Manhattan has the highest density of cafes per zip code. Also about half of the shops within all five boroughs are indie shops so you are not limited to the chains like Starbucks or Dunkin (sorry Starbucks and Dunkin).
  7. Variety: The endless possibilities of events and other stuff to do is great. What’s even better is there’s always free events happening in town: such as free concert series, outdoor movies, and festivals.
  8. Adventure: There’s also experience type of dates you can have—such as rock climbing, late night sail, music festivals, pub crawls just to name a few and almost any type of entertainment you can imagine. So you and your date(s) don’t need to be boring.  After all, it’s “the city that never sleeps”.
  9. What’s Your Pleasure? There’s a huge underground culture and scene in the city. New York has not lost its edge. From what I understand there’s sex clubs—swingers, gay S&M clubs--you name it!
  10. Last but not least (for now) -- it’s really easy to meet people. Yes I said it. So stop thinking that it’s hard to meet people here. If approaching and connecting with someone in person is hard for you, then consider online dating as an introductory service to determine interest. Here’s some of the current popular sites/apps in the city that have lots of users: Tinder, Hinge, Happn, Bumble, OKCupid, Match, Jswipe, Grouper, and Coffee Meets Bagel.


There’s so many wonderful reasons why NYC is the best for dating. Also, I’d like to change people’s assumptions that people in NYC “aren’t looking to get married.”  I don’t believe that to be true. I would argue that people here tend to naturally be more ambitious and therefore may post pone getting married and settling down for a little later.  It doesn’t change that they want to one day get married or that every relationship has to be casual.


I heard a saying recently “single as a dollar bill.”  Well if you’re as single as a dollar bill in NYC it probably isn’t NYC, it may be you need to change your perspective. I might be able to help. Come talk to me. ~