Are you in a new relationship and find yourself in love?  Ahhhh that Cloud 9 feeling of butterflies in your stomach, the constant anticipation of seeing each other again and you can’t keep your hands off each other. You risked the chance of getting hurt because something about that person makes you feel they are “worth it”.  So cliché - but its how you feel.  

That feeling is real--it’s romantic love and it hijacks your brain. You have become smitten with your significant other.  Sometimes this feeling happens right away in the new relationship or it can occur over a longer period of time when you focus your attention on just one person.  Passionate love can occur when that one person has intense special meaning to you. Psychological, biological, and anthropological research has found evidence of “romantic love.” It’s suggested that romantic love dates back thousands of years in almost every part of the world.  Recent brain scan studies by neurologists indicate romantic love is real: It’s a universal feeling.  If you believe that love doesn’t exist, I’m afraid to break this to you it does!


Here are 10 REAL things that happen to women when they are romantically in LOVE in their new relationship:


  • You want to give that person all your free time. The weekends are no longer just your weekends. You don’t need to make plans to see each other on the weekends, it becomes assumed that you’ll be spending it together, unless otherwise specified. Instead of asking to see each other on the weekends, you share when you can’t see each other since it’s the exception to the routine.


  • You find yourself keeping some secrets from your best friend. You now have someone to share confidences with and it’s so exciting to not bottle them up.


  • You find yourself having pillow talks about your childhood. All of a sudden you’re thinking about those childhood moments that were meaningful to you.  You want to share them with your significant other when lying down together. There’s something about being horizontal with someone you love that melts away your filter, am I right? #NoShame


  • Love songs, romantic movies, they all make you think about that person.
  • You find yourself fantasizing about reliving some of those moments from your favorite rom coms. You also want to have a sign sequence done like in Love Actually. “To me you are perfect.” #BlameHollywood


  • You could be having the worst day feeling stressed out about work. But you find yourself having loads of energy and something to always look forward to.


  • You start imagining what your babies would look like if you ever had any together. #Guilty #NotGuilty


  • You like to tease and play like children. You laugh together. Those moments are everything.


  • You wear sexier pajamas to bed. And get up early to fix your makeup/ hair/ whatever bed head damage you have and get back into bed to pretend you just woke up like this. #IwokeUpLikeThis


  • You remember the little details of things that person said to you because they have all the meaning in the world to you even though they may seem trivial to your friends and family.



These 10 things are reflective of our modern day living. The behaviors vary based on culture, but how we feel about love is human nature.  Ladies, rest assured your significant other (or ex) also felt all sorts of things because of your love—whether they show(ed) it or not.


Sometimes we fall in and out of love quickly, sometimes we think we were never in love in the first place, sometimes we actually may have not been in love. But one thing is certain, romantic love effects the chemistry of your brain and makes you do and say things you normally wouldn’t. Hopefully that love is requited. <3  If only it were that easy….