Coaching consultations for Singles & Couples

Human nature motivates our behaviors relating to sex, romance, and commitment in many ways of which we are not conscious. With my background as a psychological expert in love, experience as a psychotherapist and coach in NYC, I can help take your love life to the next level. 

My focus is on what I call the Spectrum of Relationship Success: defining HOW YOU LOVEATTRACTING the RIGHT PARTNER, and STRENGHTHENING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. There is no right place to be on the spectrum, it’s a circle for love. Sometimes you go back after a breakup, or forward in a new relationshipbecause it feels like love. Or, even backward in your current relationship; for example, when you found it hard to bounce back to how things were before that big disagreement. You may find yourself back in the middle of the circle again, somewhere with different needs, for example, by swiping a lot before bed, lining up your dates. For anyone who is looking to move from one part of the spectrum to another, I can help yougo clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on what you need. 




  • interpret partner compatibility
  • better understand  current or past relationships
  • discuss relational goals
  • establish boundaries in relationships
  • master relationship communication skills (including texting game, online dating messaging, emotionally focused conflict resolution, listening skills)
  • show off their authentic selves
  • show passion in relationships
  • strategize on how to attract whom they want
    • flaunt emotional availability
    • revamp their online dating profiles
    • better understand how they are perceived by others
    • tweak image & style
    • learn the art of flirting
    • become more desirable & confident


We can focus on one area or all of them. The first consultation assesses where you fall on the spectrum and where you want to be depending on your needs and goals. You will be given the individualized tools and the insight to modify your thoughts and behaviors, to either find love if you are single, or to maintain a healthierand secure long term relationship. You will receive practical advice and wisdom through the science of love. Through introspection and strength based support, you will progress through the Spectrum of Relationship Success to manifest your happiness.



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